10 romantic ideas for your Santorini honeymoon

Enjoy your post-wedding bliss on the most romantic island of the Mediterranean. Make the most out of your Santorini honeymoon with our 10 tips for newlyweds. 

  Watch the Santorini sunset 

Even though the sun is disappearing behind the horizon, your love will burn brighter than ever when you watch your first Santorini sunset together. Our suggestion is to climb up to Oia Castle if you want to witness this famous spectacle from front row.

Book a Santorini boat trip

One of the most memorable ways to explore this magical place is on a boat that takes you around the island, including the Santorini volcano and the Santorini Hot Springs. You can also opt for a romantic dinner on a private yacht, where you can feast on the most delicious seafood our crew will prepare for you.

sunset sailing cruise

Explore the multi-colored beaches

Wind in your hair, sea breeze kissing your skin.. No doubt, beaches bring out the best in us: the relaxed, fun-loving versions of ourselves. And with all the natural beauty of the volcanic Red Beach and the spectacular White Beach with its dramatic cliffs, we promise you will be swept off your feet. You can find the top 10 Santorini beaches HERE

red beach santorini

Go for a Santorini wine-tasting tour

Not only is this Greek isle well-known for its spectacular blue and white skyline, but it’s also the birthplace of some of the finest white wines in the world. Book a Santorini wine-tasting tour to savor the aromatic Assyrtiko wines and learn about the locals’ unique traditional wine-making techniques.

Hire a Santorini honeymoon photographer

Why not take advantage of all that Santorini has to offer as a spectacular backdrop for photos? Return home from your vacation with an adorable honeymoon photo album. Experiment with different poses and photo locations and have fun on set to make your Santorini honeymoon memories last forever.

sunset cruise santorini proposal

Discover the panoramic hiking trails

It’s fairly easy to imagine romance on the trail — watching the multi-hued Santorini sunset side-by-side on a ledge; gazing at volcanic caldera; having an encounter with a mountain goat on the trail. The island offers multiple scenic hiking trails, such as the Oia-Fira route, for active honeymooners.

Visit the famous Santorini churches

There is something special and beautiful about exploring a new place with someone you’re head over heels about. With its blue-domed chapels and iconic white skyline, Santorini is one if not the most popular honeymoon destinations on the planet. Discover all of its famous landmarks that you have only admired on postcards till now by embarking together on a romantic sightseeing walk.

panagia platsiani

Enjoy a dinner by the sea

Celebrate your love with a dinner by the sea at Amoudi Bay. Among the many authentic seaside Santorini restaurants, Sunset Tavern stands out with its unique selection and romantic atmosphere. The lobster spaghetti is particularly delicious here, and it is also said to be an aphrodisiac.


Sip champagne in a private pool

Are you looking for a way to add even more romance to your Santorini honeymoon? Do you feel tired of going out for dinner after a long day spent sightseeing? Why not stay in, order room service and watch the starry night sky while soaking in the private pool of your honeymoon suite? At Charisma Suites, everything is provided to have the perfect pool date night.

Go for horseriding on the beach

Explore the Greek island from a whole new perspective, admiring the pristine beauty and towering cliffs of the secluded Eros Beach on horseback. You’ll not find a more romantic and entertaining date than a sunset ride on a gorgeous Santorini beach.

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