3 Days in Santorini

Santorini is one of those places that have it all! Magnificent nature, breathtaking views, stunning architecture, historical sights, and vibrant nightlife. You may wonder where to begin? We have created a 3-day itinerary to help you plan your dream vacation.

Warning: At the end of your stay, you might consider spending an entire lifetime on this magical island. 

Day 1 ー Santorini Caldera Cruise

Why not start your Santorini vacation in the most memorable way? Book a Santorini yacht tour and sail around the versatile coastline! 

Most Santorini boat tours and cruises depart from the picturesque Ammoudi Bay that is by itself a must-visit destination. Included in the price of the cruise is always a minibus that will pick up from your hotel – or any other place you wish, and drop you off after the cruise, so you won’t have to worry about a thing!

When it comes to boat trips, your choices are endless. Click here to choose! You can plan your own itinerary depending on which famous Santorini attractions fascinate you the most. Red and White Beaches, therapeutic hot springs, volcano tours, or snorkeling with colorful fishes? You can do it all together!

You can also decide whether you want to share your adventures with other visitors or have a romantic private time with your loved ones. Some cruises also come with a sumptuous seafood meal along with drinks on board. Imagine watching the magical Santorini sunset while sipping on delicious local wine! 

When you are back from your cruise, you should check out the restaurant scene at Ammoudi Bay after your trip. Come by Sunset Tavern for a mouthwateringly delicious lobster spaghetti! You will certainly lick all your ten fingers after dinner. 

Day 2 ー Santorini Full-Day Sightseeing Tour

Spend a day discovering the ancient playground of Greek Gods and Goddesses! In spite of its modest size, Santorini is actually brimming with cultural, historical, and architectural attractions. You can book a sightseeing tour or take your own car if you feel particularly adventurous. Our suggested itinerary will highlight all the famous sights of the popular Mediterranean hotspot. 

Begin your trip at Megalochori that is around a half-hour drive from Oia, the main town. The charming 17th-century village is home to old traditional houses, historical mansions, and pirate hideaways. Following the maze of the narrow white-washed alleyways, you will soon find yourself on the main square. It’s a beloved gathering place for the locals who like to come here to play backgammon or gossip over a cup of Greek coffee. 

Megalochori is just a short distance away from the archeological site of Ancient Akrotiri and the Red Beach. Akrotiri is often called the “Greek Pompei” for it’s been also destroyed by a devastating volcano eruption. You can wander around the prehistoric ruins and wonder what life may have been like back then. After some cultural time, head to the stunning Red Beach to admire the striking colors of this natural phenomenon. The beach is kind of rough here but the postcard-worthy landscape is definitely worth a visit. 

On the way to your next destination, you can drop by Perissa Beach for a refreshing dip. Perissa is famous for its unique black volcanic sand that gives a nice contrast to the azure waters. Stroll through the long stretch of sand or enjoy a light lunch at one of the nearby taverns.  

Continue your journey to Fira, the second most popular town of Santorini. Here, you can snap wonderful shots of the blue-domed chapels that are dotted all around the quaint little village. You shouldn’t miss the iconic Three Bells of Fira that are located directly above the caldera cliff. 

Cap off your journey at Imerovigli, a peaceful and relaxing town right next to Fira. Imerovigli has remained relatively unspoiled as it receives less attention than Oia or Fira. The tiny village proudly holds the name “Balcony to the Aegean”. Indeed, sunsets are spectacular to watch from Imerovigli. Find yourself a lovely spot near Anastasis Church and be part of Mother Nature’s magical evening show!


Day 3 ー Santorini Gastronomy Tour + Oia Sunset 

Now that you have checked most of the Santorini attractions off your bucket list, it’s time for a different type of sightseeing tour. Let the journey of savor begin! Set off for an organized or individual trip to taste the island’s signature flavors. We recommend you start at the Prophet Elias Monastery that is situated at the highest point of the island. Here, you can try some hand-made finger food, such as tasty olives, crunchy nuts, and flavourful cheese bites, the monks prepare in the yard. Pamper your taste buds while watching the breathtaking vistas from the highest vantage point of the island. 

Your next stop will be Pyrgos, the formal capital of Santorini. This traditional settlement is the largest preserved village on the island. Here, the pace of life is more relaxed, and thus it allows you to witness the authentic beauty of Santorini. Grab a seat at one of the cozy coffee shops at the main square and order a traditional Greek coffee accompanied with some honey-glazed local pastry. 

Pyrgos is considered the center of wine tourism and homes the best Santorini wineries. After a delicious lunch, continue your day by visiting a traditional winery. You can taste various styles of wine, all the finest expressions of Santorini’s volcanic vineyards. Learn about the centuries-old winemaking techniques while sipping on charismatic red and white nectars. 

Following your wine tasting experience, return to Oia to catch the most spectacular sight of the island! Finish off your journey in style by gathering at the Oia Castle to watch the glorious sunset. 

We hope your Santorini vacation will be filled with beautiful memories that you will cherish forever!


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