9 reasons why a sailing tour is a must in Santorini

When you are on a sailing cruise around Santorini, nothing really matters other than absorbing the picturesque surroundings – feeling the gentle breeze on your skin, listening to the waves crashing on the sailboat’s bow, tasting the salty air on your lips, and admiring the dramatic caldera views. This is what makes a Santorini sailing cruise so special. Here, we have collected 9 more reasons why you should not miss out on this magnificent experience


 You get to see the caldera from different angles

The ultimate way to explore the versatile coastline of Santorini is by booking a sailing cruise. Most tours take off at Amoudi Bay, however, the sailing company can also send you a driver to pick you up at your hotel and drop you off after the adventures. The island has numerous vantage points that give a good view of the caldera but you get an entirely different perspective of it from the waters

sailing in santorini

Allows you to visit all the hidden beaches

While you can easily access the stunning Red Beach and the popular black-sand beaches, the equally spectacular White Beach is unfortunately not accessible by car. Even though you can reach this must-see attraction on foot, the path that leads you to it is not suitable for everyone. The best and safest way, therefore, to visit the gorgeous White Beach is by hopping on a Santorini cruise ship that will directly take you there

red beach santorini

Half-day gastro experience on board

Depending on the Santorini sailing cruise you pick, the staff will await you with a delicious meal or tasty snacks on board. You will have the chance to taste all the marvelous flavors of Greek cuisine while relaxing on board and listening to cheerful tunes or traditional local music. Of course, no Santorini sailing cruise is complete without savoring the island’s delicious volcanic wine, the sweet white Vinsanto, or the black, full-bodied Mavtotragano

meal on board sailing catamaran santorini

Snorkeling opportunities 

In addition to picking or creating your own itinerary (in case of a private tour), a sailing cruise provides endless opportunities for swimming and snorkeling at secluded beaches and coves. Santorini’s crystal clear waters will invite you discover the Aegean Sea’s colorful fish population and the fascinating underwater volcanic rock formation

snorkeling santorini

Soak in natural hot springs 

The volcano tour also includes a stop at the natural hot springs located between Nea and Palea Kameni. Here, you can soak in soothing, balmy waters while marveling at the dramatic caldera and the scenic surroundings. The sulfuric, orange-tinged spring waters that bubble up into a shallow cove are also known for their curative powers. They have a high concentration of iron and manganese which together act as an all-natural skin detox treatment while also improving joint issues


volcano santorini 

Learn more about the island’s history 

Another advantage of booking a Santorini sailing cruise is that you will get a chance to interact with local sailors and captains who can tell you countless stories about the island, including its formation and inhabitants. From marvelous mythological tales to local anecdotes and secret recipes, you will learn many wonderful things during your half-day trip on board

Make your proposal special

Thrill the love of your life with a dream proposal on board of a Santorini sailing boat! If you want to plan something unique, private, and oh-so-romantic look no further. For the most memorable experience book a sail on a private yacht where you can get down on one knee and ask your partner the biggest question of your life. We bet the answer will be “Yes”

sunset cruise santorini proposal

Watch the sunset without the crowd 

Santorini is known worldwide for its magical sunset which draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Greek island every year. The popular vantage points such as the Agios Nikolaos Castle in Oia and the cliffside bars and restaurants are usually packed with sunset lovers in the peak season. If you want to avoid the crowd and take gorgeous snaps of this natural phenomenon, consider taking a Santorini sailing cruise. It will be just you and your loved ones watching the sun slowly disappearing behind the horizon

sunset sailing cruise

Make friends as a solo traveler 

Booking a Santorini catamaran cruise is a great way to meet new friends and instantly bond over shared memories. You can easily strike up a conversation with another solo tourist while watching the waves on board or hiking up the Santorini volcano. You may even go for dinner or some drinks afterward once the boat has docked at the port

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