If you want to get the most of your Greek island vacation, you should definitely include a Santorini sailing tour! To be able to fully appreciate the uniqueness of this volcanic island, you must see its charmingly diverse coastline from the sea.

Multicoloured beaches, therapeutic spring waters, hidden coves, and magnificent cliffs. Exploring each unique side of the island is like unveiling a rare pearl when opening a shell. Discover the hidden gems of the Aegean Sea!

And how about watching the famous Santorini sunset while sipping on some delicious local wine?

Grab your sailor hat and board one of our luxurious catamarans to take you for an unforgettable Santorini cruise trip! Santorini Yachting Club will pick you up from our hotel and take you down to Ammoudi Bay where the adventure begins!

Reserve directly with us and take advantage of our exclusive discount.


Every evening when the island turns golden we treat our lovely guests to a complimentary glass of sparkling wine and some flavourful finger food. Let’s celebrate the gorgeous Oia sunset with great company and some sparkling bubbles! Meet us at the Charisma Suites stairs exactly at sunset time and experience the magic together!


Ammoudi Bay is absolutely stunning

Dug into the red volcanic rock, underneath the picturesque village of Oia, besides the crystal clear waters and the deep blue Aegean Sea lays the hidden gem of Santorini called Ammoudi. This was the main port of Oia during the 19th and the 20th century and all trade and commerce took place in this beautiful port; and Oia, thanks to its naval power, was exporting wine- the famous Vinsanto, and other products of the island, reaching as far as Russia. Today Ammoudi is one of the most beautiful spots on the island; a must visit to dive in the azure waters of Agios Nikolaos, enjoy the most sublime view of the sunset and of course a delightful lunch or dinner. To get the finest seafood experience, visit the Sunset Tavern by Paraskevas at Ammoudi Bay and dine at the most idyllic spot of Santorini!

Santorini’s unique landscape has made it home to some of the best Greek wines. Islanders have been producing a vast selection of fine wines since ancient times. Taste outstanding wines, distinct flavours and learn all about wine, ancient Greek wine culture and the unique varieties of Santorini. In proportion to the size of the island, Santorini is the only place on the whole planet with so many wineries. It is undoubtedly Greece’s top destination with more than 18 wineries to visit.  Take the opportunity and visit the numerous wineries for wine tasting or simple to get a feel of the history and the wine making tradition of the island.

Sure, you could have a massage anywhere, but looking out over the endless blue Aegean, checks all the boxes.  Allow your self to unique sessions of physical and mental regeneration. Discover the power of massage and luxurious care to renew your mind, body and spirit and recover from the fast pace of everyday life, in the island of Santorini.

Santorini’s hidden treasures

Santorini is best known for its caldera views, classic Cycladic architecture (whitewashed cubed houses with blue shutters and little churches with domed roofs), traditional villages, its unique landscape that includes colourful beaches and romantic sunsets.

Some of the villages are cosmopolitan some more peaceful; they are surrounded by vast vineyards; whitewashed cliff-top towns with castles affording amazing views out over the Aegean. Soaking up the villages’ distinctive traditional atmosphere is a very rewarding experience. Our desire is to share with you the beauties of the island by making your own itinerary from our local point of view.

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