Fall in Love with Oia Sunset and Never Return

Oh those golden hues the sun paints over the sky before melting into the shimmering
vastness of the Aegean Sea!

Santorini undoubtedly offers some of the prettiest natural spectacles you can witness in your life! There are
many different sights in Santorini that charm the visitors but one attraction stands out from them all..the famous Oia sunset! When the sun begins to draw closer to its reflection, all sunset lovers gather together to enjoy the astonishing view. Santorini enjoys a reputation for being a perfect vacation spot for people in love. It’s in the top 3 of the most
popular romantic destinations for couples and newlyweds. In fact, visiting Oia is a must for all kinds of lovers. Whether it is your first romantic getaway or your silver honeymoon trip, love always needs a special celebration! And what more unique experience you could give to your other half than admiring that scenic view together?

Image holding hands while the sun gracefully sinks behind the horizon! You will fall in love over and over again watching the glorious Santorini sunset. Oia, with its cascade of whitewashed houses and tiny blue domed chapels, is a true Mecca for everyone who has a passion for photography! You must have come across an endless array of picturesque sunset photos on Instagram. In spite of its petite size this cute quaint village offers countless vantage points. Creativity meets no bounds here! Since Oia was built on a volcanic caldera the area is surrounded by impressive cliffs. These unique natural formations coupled with the calm eternity of the sea below ensure a breath-taking view. You will receive endless compliments for your iconic shots even months after your Santorini vacation!
One thing you have to keep in mind though! Due to its ever-increasing popularity Santorini receives a large number of tourists all year around. Since everyone chases after that perfect view point, it can sometimes be challenging to find the least crowded. You will need the favour of the Greek Gods if you want to secure a post during the busy holiday season. But, here at Charisma Suites we have special deals with them. As the shadows grow longer and the sky golden, it’s time for you to relax. Get ready for a magical sunset show in the privacy of your own suite’s veranda!

You can still enjoy the after-glow of the sunset while having a romantic seaside dinner or a nice walk in the buzzing village of Oia. The mouth-watering aromas that linger around each fish tavern are hard to resist after a whole day of activities. Our all-time favorite Santorini restaurant is the Sunset Tavern in Amoudi Bay for its amazing fresh seafood and top notch service. Have a glass of delicious Santorini wine along with the meal to celebrate this marvelous day!

Meandering up and down on the cobbled pedestrian streets of Oia you will keep discovering something new and exciting at every corner. Chic little boutiques, handmade jewellery stores, colourful souvenir shops. A rich cavalcade of authentic delights! Let this dazzling plac

e amaze you! A word of caution: We can’t guarantee you won’t leave a part of your heart behind at the end of your vacation but hey.. it’s a good reason to return to Oia next summer!

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