Fall vacations in Santorini

Fall is the time when students resume their classes, and employees return to their offices, meaning it is the perfect season to schedule a last-minute getaway before the arrival of the colder days. Are you wondering where to go? Santorini truly shines in the fall, featuring the best aspects of summer, without the heat and the crowds. We share with you five reasons why this fabulous Greek island makes the best destination for fall vacations

Thinner crowd

There is a big contrast between the number of people on the island in the summer versus the fall. The quieter beaches, the silent villages and roads, and the intimate gathering at local tavernas give Santorini a unique charm that cannot be seen in summer. Finally, you do not have to wait in line to be photographed in front of the most famous sights of the island, such as the blue domed chapels or the seaside stairways with the dazzling caldera view

Lower rates 

You were not able to squeeze in a summer vacation this year? Take solace and start organizing your fall holiday in Santorini today! International airfare significantly drops after the end of the peak season. You also do not have to deal with widespread delays because of the massive crowd. The off-season means plenty of deals when it comes to accommodation, too. Finally, you do not have to spend a ton of money to bring your entire family on a seaside vacation

Glorious fall sunlight 

The island’s capital, Oia with its cobbled streets, hidden alleyways, and quaint traditional buildings seems to look even more romantic in the fading afternoon light. Sunsets are usually accompanied by some fluffy clouds which makes them even more colorful and captivating. Greece has generally mild weather, and while evenings feel a bit chillier, fall days are still pleasantly warm and the sea will likely be at its best. You can soak up plenty of sunshine throughout September and October and return home with an enviable tan

Outdoor activities

Instead of lying all day on the beach, the slightly lower temperatures also allow people to indulge in many more outdoor activities than in the middle of the summer heatwave. It may come to you as a surprise, but Santorini makes an excellent hiking destination due to its numerous winding routes crisscrossing the island, offering breathtaking vistas of the volcanic caldera. Besides the stunning tracks, the island also boasts a rich historical heritage with many ancient sights to discover


Wine harvest season

Fall is here and harvest is coming. Santorini wine is famous worldwide for its distinctive flavor which is due to the fact that the grapes are grown in volcanic soil. The island is dotted with traditional wineries that offer excellent tours and the best styles, from the delicious white dessert wine Assyrtiko to the dark, full-bodied spicy Mavrotagano. Dionysus, the God of wine, truly blessed this island with good fortune! Enjoy the warm hospitality and terrific views while sipping the finest Mediterranean wine on a panoramic terrace


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