Visit Santorini as a Solo Traveler

The idea of a solo vacation can be daunting at first if you have never taken a trip before by yourself. But you will see that any initial doubts will flee as soon as you arrive at the breathtaking mythical island of Santorini. The world certainty looks different through one set of eyes, but you do not have to worry to miss out on anything if you choose to visit Santorini as a solo traveler. Read about all the fun activities you can enjoy in this popular Greek holiday destination even if you do not know anyone there at the beginning. 

Meet the locals while wondering in the whitewashed villages

Greek people are famous for their hospitality all over the world. If you like to explore the island actively, set off on a hike between the two major cities Fira and Oia. For a real feeling of authentic Santorini, check out some of the smallest less touristy villages such as Pyrgos or Imerovigli as well where you do not have to bump into holidaying couples or large groups of friends at every corner. Instead, pick a lovely coffee bar at the main square and enjoy people watching while drinking an icy Greek freddo espresso. You will see that within no time you will attract the local’s attention who will soon come by to your table for a friendly chat. You can learn many interesting things about the island, local traditions, or even the secret ingredients of Greek dishes. 

Book a Santorini cruise and set off on a day of adventure

The ultimate way to explore the diverse and colorful shores of Santorini is by doing so from the deck of a cruise ship. We recommend you book a semi-private cruise as in this way you can share the adventure with fellow travelers and possibly make lifelong friends on the trip. What could be a better icebreaker between two people who meet the first time than venturing on a real-life volcano together or admiring the picturesque Red Beach? You will have plenty of things to discuss while soaking in the hot therapeutic waters at Palea Kameni. The cruises stop at various locations throughout the time where you can take a drip in the crystal clear sea and enjoy the breathtaking surroundings. 

santorini sailing

Explore the Santorini nightlife in Fira 

If you love a good night out but you do not have company, it does not mean you have to drink by yourself at a bar. First of all, gather with the crowd at sunset time to witness this gorgeous natural phenomenon. Chances are, you will already meet some cool people there. When the island dresses in its beautiful starry nightgown, head to Fira where all the fun is happening. Panoramic cliff bars, smoky jazz clubs, and an awesome party scene await vacationers in this traditional town. Santorini attracts visitors from all over the world. We guarantee that within 10 minutes you will hit it off with some other travelers, perhaps people from your own country. Expect authentic island vibes, trendy beats, smiley faces, and unforgettable memories!

santorini nightlife

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