Honeymoon Photoshoot Ideas for Santorini

Now that your vows have been said and the cake has been cut, your next adventure as a newlywed couple is fast-approaching! Have you been looking up photoshoot ideas for weeks to prepare for your magical Santorini holiday? We’ve got you covered with our top 4 honeymoon photo ideas every couple will love to try during their romantic holidays. Get inspired and fill up your honeymoon photo album with stunning photos from your Greek island vacation! Keep this list and your passport ready as you jet off to the mythical island of love and romance!


1. Panoramic Photos at the Oia Castle

Celebrate your new beginning on the perches of a Mediterranean castle! The splendid 15th century Agios Nikolaos castle was built by Venetian invaders as a protection against pirates. Today, the famous ruins have a different purpose. They serve as a perfect viewpoint for watching the glorious Santorini sunset. Book your honeymoon photographer to take amazing pictures of the two of you with the enticing backdrop of the volcanic caldera. Cherish the magical sunset of Santorini in the most picturesque surroundings!


2. A Timeless Set with Blue-Domed Chapels

Keep your honeymoon memories alive by capturing some classic shots at Santorini’s most iconic sights! Set against the shimmering azure of the Aegean Sea, the tiny blue-domed churches provide elegant settings for documenting your romantic getaway. Featured in thousands of
postcards, the lovely shades of the domes perfectly match the blue sky and the vast waters below. You will find the most photographed chapels, Agios Spiridonas and Anastaseos, in Oia; however, it’s also worth visiting the Anastasis church in Imerovigli. Sunrises and sunsets are the best times for taking snaps of these beautiful holy buildings


3. Charming Snaps of the Santorini Windmills

Are you looking for a novel way to preserve your memories from your Santorini honeymoon? How about getting photographed in front of a historical windmill? The windy Cycladic island is home to an array of windmills of which the most gorgeous ones are dotted all over Oia. The Santorini windmills have a long history dating back to the 14th century. However, many of these thatched structures have been converted into private holiday lets. Perched on the panoramic cliffside of Oia, Charisma Suites proudly boasts one of the island’s most attractive windmills. Give your honeymoon photobook a charming twist! The lovely white-washed windmill and the sublime view are guaranteed to leave you enchanted.


4. Sunrise Session on the Stairs of Oia

Oia offers many fairytale-like honeymoon photoshoot locations for couples who have keen eyes for beauty and simplicity! The cute narrow alleyways richly adorned with blooming pink bougainvillea flowers superbly set the mood for romance. Explore the countless state-of-art stairways crisscrossing the quaint little village! Connecting colorful rustic buildings and houses, the panoramic web of winding stairs provides an idyllic background for a romantic photo session. Gorgeous Mediterranean vibes and a relaxed atmosphere… What more do you wish for a perfect outdoor couple photoshoot?
Start your day bright and early before the village wakes up so you can avoid the crowd!


Here are some extra Santorini photography tips for you:
• Set your alarm early if you want to snap some crowd-free photos!
• Make sure to wear comfortable non-slip shoes as the island is known for its numerous stairs. Finding the best photo spots can be also tiring, you will be walking a LOT!
• Don’t skip the sunscreen and stay under the shadows between two photoshoots.
• Don’t forget about hydration, always carry a bottle of water with you!
• Don’t climb on churches and private rooftops! Respect the place and the local’s privacy.
• Finally, be bold to venture off the path! You will only get to discover the real beauty of the island if you leave your map behind!

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