Is Santorini Expensive To Visit?

Every trip to Santorini, this volcanic Cycladic island of natural and architectural beauty, is marked by magic and glamour. In recent years, this Mediterranean gem has become one of the most popular summer destinations for visitors, especially among high-profile socialites and celebrities. However, it shouldn’t put you off from planning a trip to the most beautiful Greek island! Santorini offers such versatile choices that everyone will find something that suits his/her wallet. Are you still wondering how much money do you actually need to visit Santorini? This article will provide answers to all of your questions! 


Travel Expenses

Return flight prices from Northern America to Santorini start from 650€ and can even go up to 3,000€. For this reason, it’s important to book your Santorini flight in advance so you don’t have to max out your credit cards. 

From the UK and Northern Europe, ticket prices can vary between 300€ and 500€ depending on the season you pick for your Santorini vacation. 

On the other hand, if you fly out directly from Athens International Airport, you will find much better deals. On a lucky day, airfare costs can be as low as 50€ and go up to 250€!

Do you love ferry rides? Are you fascinated by watching the endless turquoise blue from the deck? You can find daily ferry trips from Athens and from the islands at the price of 40-70€ per person. Why not add Santorini to your Greek island-hopping itinerary? 


Undoubtedly, you will find some of Europe’s most expensive hotels on this glamorous island, but there are plenty of more affordable options as well. 

Accommodation costs largely depend on the location and the vistas you wish to wake up for. Oia hotels can be a bit more pricey; however, the gorgeous caldera views along with the famed Santorini sunset are well worth the extra cost! A night at an authentic cliffside hotel can cost from 1,000 – 11,000€ depending on the season. 

If you are willing to sacrifice the view, you can find nice and decent places also with cost starting from 80€

Wine & Dine

Once you are in Santorini, forget the cheap fast food options and dive into the local cuisine instead! Greek food is simple and delicious, made with fresh high-quality ingredients. One of the best things in their cuisine is the Meze which means an array of small but filling appetizers such as Greek salad, tomato fritters, or grilled octopus. Each of these starters costs between 5-15€, and it takes just a couple of them to make you full and happy. 

If you want to grab something quickly on the way home from the beach, you can go for gyros or souvlaki (minced meat on a stick) for 3-4$.

On the other hand, if you want a lavish seafood dinner by the port of Ammoudi, you may have to put your hand deeper into your pocket. A three-course supper for two, including a bottle of the famous Santorini wine, will cost you around 100-300€. 

Why not continue your evening by visiting a panoramic Santorini bar? The prices of cocktails and spirits vary between 10-20€, while the cost for a bottle of fine wine starts from approx. 30€ 

Island Transportation

Most of the picturesque Santorini villages are built on the steep caldera cliff, therefore you will need to find a transfer option when you arrive at the airport or at the harbor. Santorini taxis are generally more expensive than transfer services. The former cost around 40-50€, while the latter will charge you 25-35€, including luggage. 

You may want to rent a car in Santorini in order to visit the top-rated Santorini tourist attractions as well as the many colorful beaches. Car rental fees vary between 30-130€ depending on your needs and desires. 

As an alternative solution, you can also use public transport. A standard adult ticket costs between 1.80€ and 2.50€. 


No Santorini holiday is complete without visiting the unique black sand beaches of the island! You can enjoy the comfy sunbeds and thatched umbrellas for free in most of the places as long as you order a coffee for 3-5€ or a fruit cocktail for 8-10€. However, if you set your eyes on those luxurious seasides cabanas, costs might go up to 80-100€ (for multiple persons, including drinks). 

Do you fancy a fun-filled Santorini boat trip to explore the versatile coastline? You can browse from many options and decide whether you want to join a team or have a romantic private cruise by yourself! You will find tailor-made itineraries at various costs. 

If you don’t mind sharing the adventure with fellow visitors, hot-spring and caldera boat trips await you for the price of 85-200€. 

Why not make it a special day and book a Santorini cruise just for you and your loved ones? Watch the glorious sunset on the deck of a luxurious Santorini yacht or catamaran for 600-2,500€.

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