Is there a beach in Oia?

Panoramic caldera views, crystal clear turquoise waters, and a charming traditional fishing port that is home to the best Santorini restaurants. No wonder that Ammoudi Bay is among the top must-visit places in Santorini. While you are there, you shouldn’t miss the tiny rocky beach behind the port that holds a secret surprise! Go to the end of the article for the map!

The rocky Ammoudi Beach is a perfect destination for an active day trip by the sea. Finding this hidden gem is by itself an adventure as you have to descend 300 steep stairs from the picturesque town of Oia. Alternatively, you can also take a car or a donkey ride but the stunning vistas on the way are worth a little exercise!

We want to warn you before you start to plan your trip though! Ammoudi is not your typical beach with comfy sun loungers and thatched umbrellas. This rocky cove is completely cut off from the crowd and that’s the beauty of it! Sometimes you just don’t want to go where everyone else is going.


What will strike you first at Ammoudi Beach is an impressive rock formation, the Agios Nikolaos Rock. It’s almost connected to the coast, you only have to take a couple of laps to reach the bottom of the rock. Locals also refer to this small islet as Agios Nikolaos Peramataris. The name comes from the narrow passage that leads the visitors to this unique spot. 

Surprisingly, this rocky islet is home to a charming little church which is also called Agios Nikolaos. Agios Nikolaos or Saint Nicolas is celebrated all over Greece as the patron saint of sailors. We know very little about his life, but scholars believe that the saint was born in Patara, a Greek port town in Asia Minor. He was said to possess the power of calming storms at the sea. He miraculously rescued distressed mariners, on various occasions, who got caught in the fury of Poseidon, the capricious sea god. 

Historically, the honor of Agios Nikolaos is also connected to the massive volcanic eruption that shook Santorini in 726 AD. According to ancient manuscripts, on the fifth day of the week which is dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the sea finally had risen above the lava and the heavy volcanic ash cloud was lifted off the island.

Carved into the Agios Nikolaos rock, you will instantly notice a concrete platform that serves as an excellent jumping spot. Here, you can feed your need for thrill and excitement as you plummet down to the deep translucent waters. There is no purer joy than gazing at the beautiful surrounding views seconds before you bounce into the deep! 

All that jumping and climbing can really work up an appetite by the end of the day. Perched on the tiny fishing harbor of Ammoudi, several traditional fish taverns invite you for a delicious seafood meal. Our all-time favorite is Sunset Tavern which is famous for its mouthwateringly fresh lobster pasta! If you want to taste a little piece of heaven, you shouldn’t miss the merry combination of the perfectly cooked spaghetti and the tender lobster meat garnished with piquant garlic and flavorsome cherry tomatoes. 

No doubt, Ammoudi Bay is a real treat for all your senses. As you finish your meal, you can admire the colorful fishing boats and the graceful catamarans docking at the port. And while you are there, why not make an impulsive decision and hop on a stylish catamaran to sail into the magnificent Santorini sunset? click here and enjoy!


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