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Spring, summer, fall, winter – Santorini never fails to amaze us with its striking beauty. Each season promises something new and exciting that you do not find easily in other Greek holiday destinations! Let’s dive into the galore of fantastic activities and breathtaking sights you shouldn’t miss while in Santorini!

Best spring break destination

The spring season kicks off on 1 April in Santorini. If you are one of those who doesn’t particularly enjoy the heat or sightseeing elbow to elbow, it is probably the most ideal time for you to visit this marvellous Greek island. Off-season accommodation rates are also more favorable, you can get your hands on a real bargain. You don’t have to worry about the weather either, you can soak up plenty of sunshine without getting burnt. While Santorini is always easy on the eye being one of the prettiest travel destinations in the Mediterranean, the blooming flower blanket that covers the valleys really blows away visitors. Finally, if you are a bit on the spiritual side or just love to explore different cultures, you can also take part in the spectacular Easter religious festivities of the locals who take this holiday even more seriously than Christmas.

santorini in spring

Summer in Greece

Summer in Santorini can only be mentioned in superlatives. It’s the place that tops everyone’s bucket list. As mentioned, Santorini is an incredibly popular summer vacation spot so it’s worth booking your hotel and activities at least 2 months in advance. Our top tips include visiting each day a different color beach (black, red, white you name it), sipping chilled Santorini wine on a panoramic terrace overlooking the caldera and booking a Santorini boat trip to admire the island’s numerous picturesque landmarks that can only be reached from the waters. Exploring Santorini by sea is really a must-do if you are spending a few days on the island. There are several types of sailing tours suitable for all budgets, including private tours and group tours.

Some trips visit the spectacular hard-to-reach beaches of Santorini, while others include a thrilling walk on the volcano.

Perfect fall vacation 

Besides the warm, nearly summer-like weather, fall in Santorini has some additional perks as well. As the crowd begins to thin, the island gives way to a more relaxed vibe. Swimming in the Aegean Sea can be still enjoyable until mid-November while adventurous types can also give scubadiving a go in the crystal clear waters. 

Santorini’s gorgeous sunset, which is best witnessed from the Byzantine Castle of Oia, also feels more personal without the large flocks of tourists. Exploring the ancient ruins of Akrotiri, also called the Greek Pompeii, or venturing on a laid-back hike can also be a great idea. The 10 km (6 miles) Oia-Fira circuit is a pretty spectacular one, for example, with far-reaching views of stonking cliffs and the volcanic caldera. The route will take you through idyllic white-washed villages where time stands still as if you travelled back 50 years ago. 

Winter in Santorini

If you’re considering booking a trip to Santorini in winter but are not sure whether it’s the right time of the year to plan your Greek getaway, we are here to ease all your worries. Temperatures are still pleasant at that time of the year (between 14°C-19°C or 57°F-66°F on average), therefore, sunny days call for a delicious seafood lunch outdoors. If you want to have a real feast, descend to the quaint Ammoudi fishing port beneath the town of Oia, which has a cosy, authentic atmosphere. Our favourite spot is Sunset Tavern which will amaze you with the freshest lobster spaghetti you have ever eaten. To walk off the calories, you can have a laidback stroll in one of the sleepy, whitewashed villages of Santorini. Wandering around the cobble stone alleys, you will get a completely different, more relaxed vibe compared to the crowded, peak season.

Megalochori santorini

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