The most charming Santorini churches

Wherever you happen to be in Santorini, you are never too far from a charming blue-domed chapel where you can calm your thoughts for a few moments and enter the silence. The gorgeous Mediterranean island is dotted with these lovely sacred places which make amazing Instagram posts as well if you are not on the religious side. Have a look at our compilation of the most stunning Santorini churches! 

Spectacular Oia churches

Standing side by side on the breathtaking caldera cliffside, the Oia churches are easy to spot even from a distance. They adorn millions of Santorini postcards as they are some of the most charming landmarks of the island. The chapels are devoted to various Greek saints and on the name day of each saint, a feast takes place at the church related to them. Dating back to the 1820s or even earlier, Panagia Platsani is undoubtedly the most famous and impressive church in Oia. It is located on the main square and boasts five domes, the largest painted blue. Other two churches worth a visit are St. Anastasi and St. Spirydon. The former was built in 1865 while the latter was erected two years later. Both two churches follow a typical Santorinian ecclesiastical architecture, topped with a blue dome and with the belfry located in the southeast corner.


Breathtaking chapels in Fira

Once in Fira, you should not miss the famous Three Bells Church, a Catholic church dedicated to the Dormition. Built in 1757, the church suffered considerable damage during the ‘56 Amorgos earthquake. Another beauty is the magnificent Catholic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, which is built very close to its Orthodox neighbors, and thus, it makes a striking contrast with its vibrant colors. Agios Stylianos Catholic Church is also a must-visit attraction in Santorini’s capital. The church has existed since 1757, according to ancient manuscripts.

Hidden gems in Imerovigli

One of Santorini’s symbols, Theoskapesti Chapel is situated near the port of Andres, on Skaros Rock, a rocky peninsula that protrudes into the sea. Visitors can reach the stunning site via the nearby walking trail that begins at Imerovigli and runs through the cape that connects Skaros to the village. Agios Ioannis Chapel is found a few stairs below Grace Hotel and it offers an amazing view of Skaros Rock and the deep blue sea underneath. 

Prophet Elias Monastery in Pyrgos

Located in the southeast part of Santorini, approximately 567 meters above sea level, Prophet Elias Monastery towers over the sea at the highest point of the island. Needless to say, the church comes with tremendous views. Constructed in 1711, the monastery played a vital role in the educational and cultural life of the locals. It used to operate a school where pupils would learn Greek and literature. Today, the monastery has its own museum which houses a stunning collection of Byzantine icons and sculptures. On certain days of the week, visitors can also enjoy handmade treats prepared by the monks and purchase souvenirs from the Greek island. 

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