Things to know before visiting Santorini

Has it ever happened to you that you had to rush back home from the airport because you had forgotten something important? It’s always good to prepare in advance for your next trip. That’s why we are bringing you a list of things to know before going to Santorini to make sure that your Greek vacation will go as smoothly as possible! 


Greece is a member of the Schengen Area; therefore, US citizenship holders are allowed to stay there for up to 90 days. If you are visiting from Russia, India, Turkey, or any other country outside of the Schengen territory you have to check the travel requirements and apply for a Schengen Visa. For obtaining this visa, the visitor has to meet several requirements including being able to provide evidence of medical insurance. 

EU citizens, on the other hand, can enter Greece only by showing their identification documents at the border.


Greece is one of the first countries that has joined the European Union back in 1981; hence, the official currency of the country is the euro (1€ ≈ 1.17$). 

Across the island, you can find ATMs at several locations. Most tourist shops, hotels, and restaurants accept credit cards. That being said, it’s always recommended to carry some cash with you in case you visit a remote less-touristy sight.


The official language is Greek, but most people can easily hold a conversation in English. Locals are warm and friendly, they are always happy to share a word or two with you over a glass of refreshing anise liquor. 

In hotels and restaurants, you can often find staff members who also speak a second language such as German or French.


Santorini has a Mediterranean climate which means there is no “best time” for visiting this stunning Cycladic gem. If you come in summer, you are guaranteed to soak up the endless sunshine but the weather is still warm and balmy during wintertime. 

Electrical Plug 

If you want to ensure that you can use your electrical appliances safely whilst abroad, you should also pack a travel adopter in your suitcase. The official voltage in Greece is 230V but most electrical goods operate at around 220 ~ 240V. For Greece, there are two associated plug types C and F. Both have two round pronged outlets but type F also has two earth clips on the side. 

You can buy voltage transformers/converters in any electronic store for 10-20$.

Time & Opening Hours 

Greece follows the UTC+3 (GMT+3) time zone. However, you should expect everyone to be on relaxed island time. Some shops in Santorini are closed during the afternoon hours and only reopen in the evening. Pharmacies also have a particular schedule; they operate with shorter opening hours on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

You shouldn’t worry though, you will always find some place open especially during high season. 

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