Tips about Oia Santorini

Oia lies 150 metre above sea level which partially explains how this
glamorous holiday town boasts such a breathtaking panorama. Even
though the 1956 earthquake caused significant damage in the town, Oia
still managed to keep its authentic charming beauty.
Here, we have gathered you a list of sights and activities that you should
not miss when you visit this fairytale-like destination:

Admire the magical sunset

The number one most romantic thing to do in Oia is to watch the glorious
sunset. Compared to other villages in Santorini, here the sun sets
behind the traditional houses, not on the water, thus creating a truly
unique effect. Explore Oia and choose a different sunset viewpoint each
day during your vacation.


Visit the Atlantis Bookstore

Located on the main marble street of Oia, lies this enchanting little
bookstore called Atlantis. Apart from Greek and international literary
masterpieces, they also offer rare antiquarian books, collectors’ first
editions, and old maps of the volcanic island. It also has a cute tiny
terrace where you can take stunning photos of the caldera.


Climb up to the Agios Nikolaos Castle

The existence of the Agios Nikolaos Castle dates back to the late 15th
century when the menacing pirate raids were incessant at the island.
The castle stood at the top of the town and functioned as an observation
point. Nowadays, the legendary ruins of this Venetian castle serve as
the most popular location for visitors to marvel at the magnificent

Take photos at the three blue domes

As we mentioned earlier, Oia is dotted with numerous white-washed
traditional chapels. However, there is only one spot where you can take
that famous picture you see on virtually every Santorini postcard. Both
the Agios Spiridonas and the Anastaseos churches are built at the edge
of the cliff right next to each other. It is quite fun to explore the town
strolling through cobblestoned streets and narrow alleyways as you are
trying to find these two gorgeous churches.

Stay at a panoramic cliff-side hotel

If you really want to make your Santorini holiday the most memorable
possible, booking a luxurious cliff-side hotel is an absolute must!
Imagine waking up in the morning and opening the shutters of your
window to admire the vast endless shimmering sea underneath you.
When you thought your day could not get any better, there comes a
lovely nutritious breakfast at your balcony which overlooks the
breathtaking caldera. For couples who come to spend their honeymoon
here, we especially recommend choosing a glamorous suite with a
private pool where they can celebrate their love with a glass of bubbly. If
you visit us at Charisma Suites, we can surprise you with all that and

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