Top Santorini Attractions For Couples

Glorious sunsets, pearly white villages adorned with pink bougainvillea flowers, tiny blue-domed chapels, and picturesque windmills make Santorini the most beautiful Greek island in the Cyclades.
However, there is so much more to this popular summer vacation spot than meets the eye. If you are one of those active couples who like to spend their romantic getaway filled with fun and adventure, Santorini will certainly not disappoint! We’ve rounded up the top 7 best Santorini attractions so you can have a perfect Greek holiday. Grab your passport and your partner’s hand and jet off to the playground of
mythological Gods and Goddesses.


1. Wine tasting with Caldera Views 

This volcanic Greek island is an absolute haven for wine lovers! The salty sea mist and the fertile volcanic soil do wonders for the grapes. Book a Santorini wine tour with an expert sommelier and visit some of the most authentic wineries in Santorini!
You will savor the best Santorini wine varieties such as the famous Assyrtiko and the equally noteworthy Vinsanto. Get ready for a culinary adventure as these rare volcanic wines are nothing like you have ever tasted before. Rich, complex, and deliciously aromatic… Dionysus, the God of wine, truly blessed this island with good fortune! You will find the top Santorini wineries scattered all over Oia and Megalochori. Enjoy the warm hospitality and terrific views while sipping the finest Mediterranean wines with your partner!

2. Time travel at the Akrotiri Archeological Site

History enthusiast couples will be thrilled to explore the most impressive tourist attraction of Santorini! Often called the “Greek Pompeii”, this prehistoric site has a mysterious story. This Minoan urban center served as a significant port town and its residents enjoyed a happy and prosperous life until a tragic event occurred. The ancient settlement has been completely demolished by a devastating earthquake in the 17th century BC. The twist of the story is that the archaeologists have never found any human remains or valuable items on the site during the excavation processes. You can still wander through fascinating ruins and admire Bronze Age artifacts, but the puzzling question remains… What happened to the people of Ancient Akrotiri?

3. Romantic Santorini Catamaran Cruise

The ultimate way to explore the caldera and the versatile coastline of Santorini is to hop on a catamaran that will take you around the island. You will have the chance to visit several attractions that are only accessible from the sea. The luxurious catamaran will take you to vibrant red beaches, shimmering white seashores, and impressive therapeutic hot springs. Depending on the boat trip you choose, you can also spend a fun afternoon exploring a still active volcano. When the sun begins to descend behind the horizon, it’s time to have a glass of bubbly to celebrate your love! Cozy up and cruise into the sunset with your sweetheart!

4. Hiking trail between Fira and Oia

Candlelit seaside dinners and walks on sandy beaches are amazing, but there’s nothing more romantic than admiring the views from the rim of the Santorini caldera. Taking on a challenging 10km trail with your loved one is the perfect way to rediscover that you two are a team! You can snap cute pictures together with the amazing backdrops of the Aegean Sea and the volcanic landscape. During your hike, you will pass by pearly-white villages, unique volcanic formations, and stunning vistas. Grab your hiking boots and don’t be afraid to get off the trail to pick your own route!

5. Megalochori Bell Towers and Wineries

Have you ever wondered how the locals defended themselves against the marauding pirates back in the day? Come to this picturesque southwestern village where the unique architecture will tell you the answer to all your questions. Centuries-old historical homes and stunning mansions still stand here proudly withstanding both time and attacks of invaders. Stroll around the sleepy petite town and discover the authentic village life! Tiered bell towers perched high on archways, blue-domed chapels, and labyrinth-like narrow alleyways decorate the quaint little village. Megalochori is truly a treasure trove waiting to be explored! Famed as the island’s wine country, the southwestern town also offers numerous wine tours and wine-tasting events. You will be surely captivated by the well-preserved beauty and tranquil island vibes of Megalochori!

6. Sunset watching at Oia Castle

Santorini is full of historical sights and architectural beauty, but probably the finest example of them all is the Agios Nikolaos castle. Nestled on the awe-inspiring cliffs of Oia, the 15th century Byzantine castle was strategically built in a way to keep the local aristocracy safe from potential pirate attacks. The medieval fortress used to boast solid tall walls and protective towers which had been badly damaged during the 1956’s earthquake. Nowadays, the panoramic ‘kasteli’ serves as the favorite vantage point for sunset lovers. Climb up the cobblestone stairs to watch the magnificent Oia sunset with backdrops of the iconic windmills and the volcanic caldera. Admiring the sublime view and the gorgeous colors of the sky is an idyllic start to a romantic evening ahead with your loved one.

7. Cliff Jumping and Seafood Dinner at Amoudi Bay

The enchanting fishing port of Amoudi lays at the base of Oia. You can access it either by descending the 300 steps from the main town, by car, or by taking a donkey ride. Several catamarans and tour boats dock at the petite harbor during the summer months, waiting to take visitors on various adventures. Amoudi Bay has a great cliff jumping spot as well. You can climb up the stairs of the small rocky island of Agios Nikolaos (right next to Amoudi Bay’s beach) and jump into the azure waters. Exploring the island can truly work up an appetite! The tiny harbor features the best Santorini fish taverns which serve mouthwatering local dishes made of the finest ingredients and seafood caught daily. We recommend you to stop by the Sunset Tavern where experienced chefs will prepare you the most delicious lobster spaghetti you have ever savoured…




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