Why Santorini was made for romance?

Why Santorini was made for romance? 

One of the best parts of being in a relationship is having a travel buddy who is always ready to go on an adventure with you. Travel is the best thing to keep the romance alive. On the other hand, it also offers a great opportunity to get to know a new partner or spend quality time with your boo, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Are you planning an ultimate couple holiday someplace sunny and warm? Are you browsing ideas but have not made up your mind yet? We have the answer for you! Enjoy some romantic one-on-one time with your significant other in the breathtaking settings of Santorini! Read on to find out why this mythical Greek island makes the best destination for couples.


Romantic walks in the picturesque villages

There is nothing quite like strolling hands in hands with your loved one in the charming whitewashed villages adorned with pink bougainvillea flowers. Roaming around Oia’s labyrinth-like alleys, you can discover the tiny blue-domed chapels and several cute boutique shops on the way. There are also amazing views to take in of the caldera and the shimmering Aegean Sea beneath, if you can tear your eyes off of each other for a fleeting moment, of course. Forget time and space and just immerse yourself in the moment and the surrounding beauty!



The most idyllic place to propose 

For many of us, asking the question at the right time and choosing the right place to do it is almost as important as organizing the wedding itself. Couples of all ages swear eternal fidelity in Santorini each year as the island offers countless dreamy locations to pop the question. How about going down on one knee on the deck of a private yacht while the sun slowly melts into the sea? If you have something more low-key in mind, the Akrotiri Lighthouse also makes a beautiful alternative spot for the proposal.



Picturesque settings for wedding photoshoots 

Life is all about capturing special moments and beautiful memories that make you smile when you look back at them even decades after. If your big day is approaching and you are looking for a stunning location to capture the romance, Santorini might just be the best choice for you! The island has myriads of breathtaking venues for newlyweds. Imagine the two of you standing on a cliffside terrace, with the dramatic backdrop of the volcanic caldera, celebrating and commemorating your love and togetherness! What more one can wish for? 

(see photoshooting locations for couples)


Luxurious hotels for couples with views of the caldera 

Are you looking for a honeymoon hotel or a place to spend a spontaneous weekend break, perhaps a special anniversary? Spoil your other half with a romantic getaway in a luxurious cliffside hotel that was designed with lovers in mind. Coupled with delicious dining options and swoon-worthy vistas, Charisma Suites is an ideal escape. Enjoy starlit nights sipping champagne in the private infinity pool of your room while looking deeply into each others’ eyes. Secure your stay now for a truly intimate experience you will cherish for years to come! 


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